Crooked Kingdom – book review

5/5 blazing stars

‘No mourners.’
‘No funerals.’

I can’t believe this is it. The duology has ended, I have read both books.
The ending? In my opinion, it was the right ending. It was sad, but there were positive things as well.
Saying goodbye to Inej, Nina, Kaz, Jesper, Wylan and Matthias was NOT easy. These characters had such great arcs, were fleshed out so well and were so perfectly imperfect… I love them.

I actually liked this book more than Six of Crows, because I feel like we got to dive more into the background stories of the characters, and I loved it.

Honestly, most of the events in this book I didn’t see coming, and I was glad. I hate being able to predict books.

Ketterdam, despite its uglier parts, now has a place in my heart. And that’s not just because of the Dutch influences, allthough these were a pleasure for my Dutch eyes to read.

I’ll definitely be reading the Grisha trilogy soon and I kind of regret not reading the trilogy first, because I read a spoiler for the fate of the main character. But that’s okay.

If you haven’t tried this duology yet, I recommend you do. There’s morally gray characters, great character arcs, amazing worldbuilding, magic, politics and more 🙂


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