The Book of Joan – Review – DNF

DNF at 35 pages
TRIGGER WARNINGS: Anti-asexual, sexual abuse, rape and self-harm.

This one started out great. The premise of this book was interesting: in 2049, the Earth is dying and the elites of the human race have evolved to non-binary beings living in a network of cloned life where only the fittest survive.
The main character and narrator of this book is Christine. She’s an expert at skin grafting, which is like burning marks into your skin. She tells us about her story, which starts out with her explaining the craft of skin grafting and also telling us things about herself and about history.

The prose is beautiful and the world-building was done nicely, in my opinion. The way it questioned sexuality and gender was briliant, but also problematic. When I read the quotes in the beginning of the book, I thought perhaps the characters would be queer. Well, they’re not.
As I said, there’s some gorgeous prose in the first pages. I highlighted many great quotes. But it was just not my kind of book.

The main reason for me to DNF this book is because I do not feel comfortable reading erotica. And while the characters in this book no longer have genetalia, the main character and her lover were constantly fantasizing about sex.

I don’t mind sex in books, but this just made me uncomfortable. Perhaps other people won’t be bothered by this.


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