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why-you-should-read-and-re-read-these-high-school-books-as-an-adultWhat I’m up to:

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen that I’m trying to participate in NaNoWriMo this year. If you don’t know what that is, here’s their faq

The problem is, I’m still very busy with University. My BA, Classics, takes up a lot of time. I have an essay due next week (AH) and midterms in a few weeks. I did drop out of Latin Class, leaving only Greek, Ancient History and Ancient Philosophy. Next year, I’m changing my BA to Ancient Cultures of the Mediterranean World, since I want to focus more on the cultural aspect than the linguistics. Unfortunately, I can’t unrol until September next year, so I have to finish these three courses, which are luckily also a part of ACotMW.

I recently requested a bunch of E-ARCs on Netgalley, thinking at least half of my requests would be denied. I was right, but I didn’t expect the other half to be accepted so quickly! So I now have a few good ARCs to read, including Holly Black’s upcoming release and a book by the author of The Mummy (love!)

You’re probably wondering what I’m writing for NaNoWriMo, so here’s a summary:

17-year-old Cleopatra is feared by her people for killing her own mother at the age of fourteen, despite the fact that she used the treasures obtained by her father in war to save her planet from poverty. She murdered her mother out of revenge for her father – who was in turn killed by her mother and her mother’s lover. But besides her friend and guard Sobek, nobody believes that Cleo was righteous.

When her older older brother Ptolemeus reappears as the rightful heir to the throne by age, Cleo may lose her planet to an inexperienced and grieving prince.

19-year-old Ptolemeus watched as his true love was killed by an assassin sent to murder not his lover, but Ptolemy himself. Now, the lone prince wants revenge for the death of Pylades. The only way to do this is to kill the one who ordered the assassination – his sister, Cleopatra.

In order to exact his revenge, Ptolemy needs help. He stumbles upon a Makedonian diplomat – or rather, is abducted by one – and makes a deal with the King of Makedonia to kill Cleopatra and share the Argivian throne.

Cleopatra decides to ask the gods for help and meets with the High Priest and High Priestess of Amun – Imhotep and Amunet. She falls for the lovely Amunet, who is off-limits due to her maiden-induced priesthood. Nevertheless, Cleo needs her help to stop Ptolemy from taking her throne.

Peace and prosperity in Argivia weren’t meant to last, for the Makedonians are ready to invade the planet and enslave its people. If Cleopatra and Ptolemeus want to prevent this, they’ll have to work together – but this would mean that Cleo would have to trust the grieving prince and Ptolemy would have to trust the murderous princess.

Both are utterly alone in a world of aristocrats and interplanetary wars. Family used to come first, but the citizens of Argivia are more important.

That’s it for what I’m up to 🙂

Currently reading:



The Bi Demigoddess


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